Badejo Challenges Nigeria Media to Change Orientation




By Femi Akinola




Former Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos State, Prof Bamidele Badejo Thursday challenged Nigeria media to change its orientation from total    focus on political issues while other sectors were neglected.


The professor noted that in the recent past, ninety percent of reportage in Nigeria media is about politics while over a dozen challenges confronting Nigerians were unattended to.


Bade made the statement while delivering his lecture during the Lead Magazine investiture in Lagos.

According to him, there are issues in governance today confronting the citizenry which  the media did not bother to investigate to give reports that are people’s right to know and subsequently help the society to move to the next level.

He said, “l am angry with Nigeria media because they don’t  talk about what will happen to us in another decade.

“What’s the future of Nigeria in another ten years when the world will not be using car with fuel. Media ought to pick up issues like climate change and find out how to solve natural problems. What we have been seeing our media doing is pursuant of cases where Senior Advicate of Nigeria (SAN’s) defends corruption.”

Giving example of densely populated Lagos to back up his submission, Prof.Badejo noted that if the transport  sector is not develop, Lagos will remain what is it adding that transport system in Lagos and the country as a whole is sick.

“Development of transportation sector is the key to the progress of our country. Most of what we’re doing on transportation development is guess work.

“All the freights in Nigeria are done by road. In Lagos, there is opportunity in water transportation, there is opportunity for rail development and air. But, everything is done on road. This is the more reason for Apapa gridlock. Why should we do all our transport businesses and movements on road?”

He called on the media to do more on bringing other challenges confronting the nation to the public attention for the progress of the country.


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