Fayemi Receives Kudos over Rebranded Ekiti United FC



Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has been commended for his efforts in ensuring that youths across the state are gainfully engaged and economically productive.
The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Yemi Owoseni gave the commendation in his welcome address at the official unveiling of the rebranded Ekiti United Football Club in Ado-Ekiti.
Mr. Owoseni, who explained that Governor Fayemi’s favourable disposition to youth and sports development has brought about unprecedented development in the sector, disclosed that about 60 youth have been recruited to play in the professional football team which the governor assisted to lift from amateur to professional level during his first term in office.
According to the Permanent Secretary, the total neglect of the Football Club by the immediate past administration led to its relegation to the amateur league, saying the Kayode Fayemi-led administration has successfully turned around the fortune of the Football Club by purchasing a slot for the team in the Nigeria National League for the team.
The Permanent Secretary revealed that the names of the re-branded team members, its crew, its board and its ad-hoc staff have been incorporated into the payroll of the state government, just as he appealed for an increase in the monthly subvention released to the team in order to meet the financial obligations during its away and home matches.
In his remarks, the Chairman of the Management Committee of the EUFC, Mr. Adewumi Awopetu said the governor issued a prompt directive for the reorganization of the team consequent upon its dwindled performance in 2013, adding that the standard of the team was compromised under the immediate past administration.
He said that the second coming of Dr. Fayemi and his passion for sports development has brought about the revitalization of the club into a professional football cadre in Nigeria.

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