Osun Guber and Spiritual Dimension 3


As promised by this platform that the last series of Spiritual Dimensions to the Saturday Poll will be published before the election, here goes the stuff aimed at serving as comic relief on the lighter mood.

It is never strange for the black man, especially on the continent of Africa, to consult all sort of soothsayers, fortune tellers and ball gazers to know what the future holds for him in terms of fortunes and successes.

So, black man in Nigeria is not also left out in the game of looking into the future before taking steps. And since the future today for some politicians in the State of Osun, and their supporters as well as most residents of the state is the Saturday, September 22, which is about 48 hours away. And they have not disappointed us as a sizeable percentage of them had consulted definers to ask the oracles about who carries the day among the contestants.

And interestingly, all the leading candidates have been assured of victory to ascend the only available chair that the present occupier will soon vacate.

In the first story written on this issue before the primaries, some spiritualists consulted told their patrons that, the aspirant that hails from a town that would experience rainfall at dawn after the consultation would win the primaries. At dawn, rain fell in Ede, where Ademola Adeleke hails from, and he won the PDP primaries.

Promptly, a rival group within the PDP also moved round the continent of Africa and beyond to find out the ‘truth.’ The group was told that, if the aspirant from the ‘Rain Town’ wins the ticket, he would lose the September election.

Recently, an “Akwa-Ibom but Lagos based Prophet, after a thorough communion with God came out with the message that, “God told me that APC will be victorious with a narrow margin.” He however warned that, the outcome of the poll should be accepted in good faith by other contestants to prevent breach of the peace.

The fourth group therefore contacted an Osogbo born, slim and fair complexioned cleric to gaze his Crystal Ball and declare the winner of the yet to be conducted poll. The respected cleric, after gazing deep into his Ball announced an interesting verdict with high degree of certainty.

His words: “Ademola will win 22 of 30 councils in the state.”

The fifth camp also moved out only to be told a different story. Here it goes: “Somebody will win, but another contestant will govern.”

The above mentioned confusing outcomes of spiritual consultations set a concerned resident out of the country to one of neighbouring country on a solo mission to find out true situation of the matter. The spiritualist contacted also returned the verdict that a candidate of a strong opposition party was seen on the guber chair.

The last patron of sooth Sayers came back with a message that, “An underdog that is least expected will win the election.”

With these conflicting spiritual findings, there is no way one of the spiritualists would not claim to be the ‘Man who sees tomorrow,’ as one of all the contestants will definitely win the election either in the first ballot or in the run-off.

Some of the ‘smaller’ political parties that pledged alliance with some candidates of the stronger parties might have had some of the spiritual predictions behind their minds before pitching their tents with their choices.

Well, having said all this, by Sunday morning, it would be clear, where the pendulum of victory would swing.


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