Political Violence: Afenifere Condemns Attacks on Ndigbo in Lagos






The pan-Yoruba socio-cultural and political organisation, Afenifere has condemned in the strongest terms the political violence allegedly visited on Nigerians of Ndigbo extraction in Lagos during the Saturday Presidential elections.



In a statement signed by the group’s Publicity Secretary, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, the group said dirty political merchants and their band of thugs apart from engineering political disenfranchisement of Ndigbo, went ahead to visit violence on them and burning their votes en masse.



The political vandals used, according to the statement, were said to have been calling themselves Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), but checks with the genuine leaders of the group have shown that the deranged elements had no affiliation with the OPC known by Afenifere.



“We frown seriously at the failure of the security agencies to give adequate cover to Ndigbo in the affected communities as these thugs went berserk carrying out the instructions of their sinking political godfathers.



“We want to assure our Igbo Brothers and Sisters that the bond of friendship the Afenifere and Ohanaeze Ndigbo have built particularly under the dynamic leadership of Chief John Nwodo  remains strong and will not be broken by the nefarious activities of a few strange children in our midst.



“We are already in discussions with Ndigbo leadership on the matter and we appeal for calm as these political vandals are only engaged in death kicks. We call on the security agencies to give adequate security covers to Ndigbo in subsequent elections as we encourage them not to succumb to intimidation and harassment by political vampires.



“Our historical connectivity with Ndigbo will survive the Saturday madness and the perpetrators will be shamed eternally,” the statement concluded.


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