Rock your party in beautiful ‘gele’

By Funmilayo Peleowo

Gele or head wrap is a fashion accessory that is very common with Nigerian women irrespective of societal status. It is normally used to complement fashion outfits especially when wearing traditional attires.

Gele is also used in other African countries by women that appreciate the essence of fashion. It will be unthinkable to put on “aso ebi” (uniform clothes) without  ‘gele’. It could also be complemented with “aso oke”, seego, ankara and other materials.

In recent times, the trends of gele with different styles have lit up the fashion space. The current use of stones and pearls on “gele” has endeared more women to use it as a fashion statement.

Several years back, ‘gele’ was often used on “iro and buba” but can now be used as an accessory  with long sleeved blouse, blouse and trouser, gowns and lots more. Different ‘gele’  styles are commonly used among Yoruba and Igbo tribes.  ‘Gele’ now comes in different styles with different names.

-infinity pleats
-side rose
-pleat overload
-wide flower design
-perfect rose
-flowery umbrella
-casual gele
-couture gele

More so, there are now  ready made types called ‘auto gele’. The ‘auto gele’ is preferred by most women instead of the common one which has to be tied by a professional to look good. Auto ‘gele’ is very simple and easy to tie. It has small ropes which are used to tie the material at the back apart from other finishings.

However, ‘gele’ is now widely used among young women as it has evolved into a more sophisticated craft with better designs and styles over the years.

Foreigners have also embraced ‘gele’ as a fashion statement because of  its diverse creativity in terms of structure, texture, stretching and shapes.

Hand fan ‘gele’ is another unique creativity from ‘gele’ materials  which comes in different styles  and patterns. Women of different societal strata now rock hand fan gele due to the uniqueness.
Next time you to a party, rock your  “gele” and slay like never.

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