Trends in distressed jean

By Funmilayo Peleowo

Jean pants has been in use for several decades, though some styles have been changed while others have been replaced with other styles.

Distressed jean is a style that may not go out of fashion; it might only be changed because of innovations into new styles by designers or due to increase in demand for  a  particular design. In the 80’s, fashion was totally different from what we now have. Then denim acid washed looked cool.

The demand for distressed jean fell some years back but later picked up when new designs were introduced.
Distressed jean is what you can make yourself. All you need do is to get a plain jean and other equipment as follows:

   – a pair of jean you intend to distress

   –  chalk

   – tweezers

   – box cutter

   – safety pin

Step 1:

Spread the jean on a clean floor. Use chalk to roughly mark the area you want to distress. You need to measure two inches below the knee for an impressive hole in the knee area.

Step 2:

Insert a magazine into the leg, which will prevent the box cutter from slicing through both layers of fabric. You can also use card board or anything you think is thick enough to act as a buffer. Firmly place it under the cutting area.

Step 3:

Use the box cutter to cut the line you marked.

Step 4:

Cut in a horizontal  pattern; make each strip about 1/2 inch to an inch apart. The cuts need not to be equal in length or width. You can start the hole with short slices, gradually create longer ones midway, end with a short cut like diamond, versus a perfect.

Step 5:

Flip the first strip over and individually tease out each white thread  (these are long woven strings that run from side to side) with the sharp point of a safety  pin. Carefully continue to loosen and extract each white thread without breaking them.

Step 6:

Once you’ve teased out enough of the long white strands, you’ll notice that a frayed fringe will have formed. Use your tweezers to pluck out and remove those short vertical threads. After this you will notice a white threads running horizontally.

Step 7:

Repeat steps five and six for each strip. For variety, try leaving a skinny strip untouched and use sandpaper to fray the edges.

Finally, distressed jean can look like torn jean yet looks stylish when you wear it but preferably don’t tear it to much for it not to look like a rag.



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