Ways to rock colour combos

By Funmilayo Peleowo

Has it ever occurred to you that some colours are necessary and are must have in your wardrobe? Many people are limited to some colours such as black, white and gray pieces. Some find it hard to combine colours and how to style a bunch of different colours. Combining colours may seem a bit hard, but a closer look at it may help in doing so.

There are some basic steps you need to take as follows:
(1.) you can go monochromatic
(2.) Wear not so basic neutrals
(3.) Use primary colours
(4.) Analogous tones
(5.) Mix contrasting hues

(1.) You can go monochromatic:
If you feel mixing different colours gives you problems or you don’t know how to combine bold colours, you can start with one colour. The easiest way to get started is by wearing coordinating separates or a bold suit. If you feel you want to branch out more, you can start to mix in variations on tones. Blush and rust are nearly alike,; this also counts as monochrome.

(2.) Wear non basic neutrals:
Neutral colours are not limited to beige, brown, navy, black, gray and olive green are  also extended to metalics. Wearing gold or silver instead of traditional neutrals also light up an outfit. If you wear a shiny dress or  top, you need to match it with a bold pop of colour.

(3.) Use primary colours:

Primary colours help to create another colour. That is,  a combination of two or more gives another colour. Colours like blue, red  and yellow. Combining any two of these colours gives another shade of colour. Red plus blue makes green and what have you. Wearing  any of these colours as top, skirt or trouser makes a sensible  fashion statement. Don’t  be afraid to play around with primary colours in your outfit.

  (4.) Analogous tones:
This has to do with a combination of next colours; that is colours that are close. Shades that are next to each other are called analogous colours. Some like yellow and green combo also make sense when it’s being combined.

(5.) Mix of contrasting colours:
These has to do with opposite colours. That is, colours that are not close. It is  like wearing contrasting colours but mixed with tone colour.  You can wear a purple gown and tone it with a bright colour such as pink, yellow and  what have you.

Some colours can be bold but can also come out calm. Playing around with colours gives you exactly what you want. When your combination makes sense it  could be  breathtaking. Steps enumerated will enlighten you more on how to combine colours. Your outfit can’t be sleek when the colours you combine look odd. When next  you go out for shopping get more of bold colours to fill your wardrobe. Being fashionable doesn’t require a degree or certificate, try and light up your outfit and never be afraid to play around with colours.

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